Area: 380.041 (147 sq.mi.)

Population: 10009 (as of 2001)

Density: 26/ (68/sq.mi.)

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Aiolos Hotel
Category: 3***
Andros Holiday Hotel
Category: 3***
Andros Holiday
Aneroussa Beach Hotel
Category: 2**
Aneroussa Beach
Archontiko Eleni Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Archontiko Eleni
Blue Bay Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Blue Bay
Chryssi Akti Hotel
Category: 2**
Chryssi Akti
Epaminondas-View & Sea Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Epaminondas View And Sea
Ionia Studios Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Ionia Studios
Myrto Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Ostria Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Paradissos Hotel
Category: 3***
Perrakis Hotel
Category: 3***
Pigi Sariza Hotel
Category: 3***
Pigi Sariza

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Andros is a Greek holiday island which is among the most northern ones of the Cyclades group. It is a favorite weekending destinations of native Greeks and a great tourist attraction as it lies within easy reach from the mainland being situated on a convenient ferry route. The destination attracts enough tourists to be well organized for any sort of leisure and vacation, however not so much to get overcrowded in hot season. Getting to Andros is easy. The place does not host its own airport but is connected to the mainland with ferry routes. Tourists get to Athens and take ferry from there to the island. There are 3-4 ferries departing every day from Athens port.

Andros offers a great variety of hotels from cozy inns with neat rooms with few facilities for rest to ultimately luxurious hotels providing onsite facilities with enchanting beaches within easy reach. Andros Epaminondas Hotel is among popular places to stop in. It is fairly priced while featuring convenient location close to one of the most visited beaches. Tourists will also find private apartments for rent in every city of the destination.

The destination features mild, dry and healthy climate with average summer temperatures hovering about 26C and winter temperatures falling to 14C in January. There are only few beaches, given the size of the island. The coastline of the destination is very rugged with bays forming nice and cozy sandy beaches. The biggest and thus the most crowded beach is Batsi. Other attractive beach spots of the place are Agios Petros, Lefka, Fellos, Kaminaki, Korthi Bay.

Andros is a perfect place to enjoy on-water sports as fishing and sailing. Each summer the island attracts thousands of tourists to watch breathtaking sailing competitions. For extreme leisure fans Andros provides the best locations for windsurfing fueled with the Cycladic winds. The island government develops a program of low key tourism support by clearing and signposting popular footpaths for guests and locals.
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